Who Will Benefit from Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification?

Edu-Therapy™ Certification is for anyone who wishes to help grieving people, and those who come into contact with people suffering from painful loss such as:

  • Substance Abuse Counselors and Addictions Workers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Emergency Services and Frontline Workers
  • Social and Family Services
  • Clergy
  • Funeral and Cemetery Professionals
  • Pharmacists and Support Staff
  • Professional Caregivers
  • Coaching Professionals
  • Individuals Whose Lives Have Been Altered by Loss

Substance Abuse Counselors and Addictions Workers

As a professional, how do you help your clients cope with the myriad of losses and unending grief that addiction brings? Do you rely on simplistic intellectual advice giving that does nothing to address the intense clash of conflicting emotions? The Edu-Therapy™ Process is a powerful and rapid technique for resolving the painful emotions of all relationships, past and present. Edu-Therapy™ is easily repeated by clients and the concrete steps also serve as tools for teaching healthy, effective relationship skills. Learn more here

Mental Health Professionals

Grief Edu-Therapy™ is a powerful tool that rapidly accesses conflicting emotions while the concrete, easy-to-use steps decrease disturbing emotional intensity. Once learned, clients can easily repeat the process on their own or in a clinical setting. The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process moves clients into the present, which helps increase acceptance of new, healthier coping skills.


Emergency Services and Frontline Workers

Wonder how to cope with the constant exposure to the trauma of human suffering? How do you avoid burnout and cope with your emotions? Loss is more than death and divorce. Grief is part and parcel with trauma and tragedy. Edu-Therapy™ works at a deeply personal level to reduce and eliminate emotional intensity of secondary PTSD. Once learned the Edu-Therapy™ process can be rapidly applied and completed to any new or past disturbing call.


Social and Family Services

Edu-Therapy™ is versatile multi-use tool for professionals in family and social services departments. First, Edu-Therapy™ is a potent defense against secondary PTSD. All too often, new workers are traumatized and seasoned workers burn out, from repeated exposure to the abuse and trauma in their communities. Secondly, Edu-Therapy™ is a wonderful tool for resolving the conflicting emotions and unresolved grief that drive so much of the abuse in families. In turn, family members can use their Edu-Therapy™ experience to improve their relationship skills.



Spiritual counseling can be quite challenging when it comes to grief and loss. Often grievers experience a crisis of faith, expressing anger at God, asking why me, or questioning the Lord’s intent. In actuality, grievers are expressing a very personal sense of powerlessness. It’s not their faith that has let them down; it’s not knowing how to experience healthy grief. The Edu-Therapy™ Process successfully addresses the emotional pain of loss, but also resolves the sense of helplessness. The Edu-Therapy™ Process helps end a parishioner’s preoccupation with the loss of the material relationship so they can begin to contemplate the spiritual meaning of the loss in relation to God.


Funeral and Cemetery Professionals

Funeral and Cemetery professionals are in daily contact with people grieving the most painful losses of their lives. While this profession is well equipped to complete all the necessary physical tasks necessary to bury their client’s loved one, they are often ill prepared to deal with the conflicting emotions caused by loss.  Edu-Therapy™ is a great way to enhance professional services and aftercare with minimal investment.  Edu-Therapy™ also makes for a cost effective approach to increase public relations and participate in community services. The Edu-Therapy™ Process groups can attract potential new clientele while creating positive service-helpful associations with your organization throughout the local community.


Pharmacists and Support Staff

As pharmacists and their support staff expand their scope of service and move towards addressing the mind, body and spirit of the population they serve, Edu-Therapy becomes a natural fit when it comes to dealing with the conflicting emotions caused by a loss or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. Grief often affects not only the individual, but also their relationships with family members and friends. Caregivers within the pharmacy may offer family therapy or support in addressing communication and relationship issues related to grief.


Professional Caregivers

Professional caregivers in the context of mental health, such as therapists, counselors, or psychiatric nurses, are trained to provide specialized care to individuals dealing with grief and loss. Throughout the therapeutic process, professional caregivers adhere to ethical guidelines, maintain client confidentiality, and work collaboratively with the griever to set goals and track progress. The overall aim is to help the griever cope with their grief, find meaning in their loss, and gradually adjust to a life without their loved one while preserving their emotional well-being.


Coaching Professionals

The very nature of significant loss is change, and one of the key issues of grief is learning to cope with all the changes. Coaching works well for helping people to recreate lives to move forward. But before grievers can move forward, they must establish a sense of resolution in order to make healthy decisions. Edu-Therapy™ can facilitate that all so important sense of resolution, thereby preparing grievers to begin to plan their next chapter.

Mental health coaches can provide valuable support to individuals who are grieving. Grief is a complex emotional process that can be challenging to navigate, and a coach can help a griever cope with their emotions, develop resilience, and move forward.

Throughout the coaching process, the mental health coach would maintain a compassionate and supportive stance, emphasizing that grief is a natural response to loss and that there is no fixed timeline for healing. The goal is to help the griever navigate their grief journey and find a way to adapt to their new reality while preserving the memory of their loved one. Today Edu-Therapy processes provide one of the most effective methods to identify and resolve the pain caused by loss.


Individuals Whose Lives Have Been Altered by Loss

Grief, and the life altering emotions attached to it, tends to create a heightened awareness of the value of life. Many people who have experienced major devastating losses, feel compelled to help others. Generally that desire is born out of the pain of their own suffering, and the desire to help others feel better. However noble the intentions, that desire must be matched by effective information and a proven program.

The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification Training and the accompanying Edu-Therapy™ Process is the program that enables professionals and others to fulfill their desire to help others in substantial and meaningful ways.


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