Edu-Therapy™ For Addiction Treatment Centers

Loss and the resulting reactions to unresolved grief go hand in hand with the chaos of substance abuse and addiction. The losses addicts suffer are many, deaths of friends and loved ones, divorce and break ups, loss of friendships, loss of financial and social status, loss of dignity. The list is almost endless. Healthy recovery means facing up to the “wreckage” but also coming to terms with the mass of disturbing and conflicting emotions.


Enhance Your Treatment Program and Lower the Relapse Rate

Healthy recovery also requires learning the essential skills for regulating emotions. How often have you seen the pain and confusion of overwhelming feelings drive addicts to relapse? Long term sobriety requires addicts to learn to identify and express their emotions, communicate their thoughts, and create appropriate boundaries.

Edu-Therapy™ is a powerful adjunct treatment. The Edu-Therapy™ process is an easy to learn easy to apply model that reduces emotional intensity and resolves the conflicting emotions of unresolved grief for both past and present relationships.

Reducing emotional intensity reduces craving intensity. Addicts do not tolerate discomfort. Their addiction has taught them that there is no need to suffer when relief is an instant away. The emotional tribulations of early recovery trigger the need for quick relief. The Edu-Therapy™ process excels in helping addicts recognize, tolerate, and discharge their emotional discomfort.


Edu-Therapy™ Skill Based Learning

  • Identify Conflicting Emotions
  • Direct Communication Skills
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Identify Boundary Violations
  • Express Emotions
  • Specific Interventions for Resolving Anger and Guilt

The Edu-Therapy™ Certification training blends experiential exercises, instructional and educational components. The training includes instruction on conducting individual sessions, couples counseling, the 8-Session group model, and the application of Edu-Therapy™ for specific treatment issues such as addiction, abuse, trauma, depression, and the residential school experience. This is an intensive concentrated 4 day program. The mixture of personal experience combined with the fundamental principles of

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution Training provides participants with everything they need to immediately apply The Edu-Therapy™ process to current clients individually and in the group format.

Edu-Therapy™ For Your Staff

Let’s face it, there are going to be instances where staff, at all levels, are going to over-identify with clients. In the best case of over-identification the staff maybe “overly” helpful or friendly. The worst case is every administrator’s nightmare. The real problem is that over-identification is an emotional issue. But time and again facilities attempt to deal with the problem intellectually. Facilities hold in-services where staff are lectured, or staff are counseled one on one. Meanwhile, the real issue, the staff member’s emotional issues remain un-addressed. Edu-Therapy™ is the right tool for preventing over-identification and if it does occur, quickly resolving the driving emotions that underlie the behaviors.


Edu –Therapy™ Process

  • Rapid And Simple
  • Staff Can Apply The Process In Privacy Or With Other Staff
  • Improve Staffs’ Relationships Skills
  • Improved Communication
  • Increased Emotional Regulation
  • Healthier Boundaries
  • Staff Become Better Role Models


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