Agenda for the Certification Training Program

The 4-day Training Program begins each morning at 8:30 am and concludes at 5:00 pm. The Program is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 – Participants learn the principles and techniques of Edu-Therapy™ by applying the process to their own life events.

Phase 2 – This phase covers the techniques of applying Edu-Therapy™ Communications with others in both social and professional environments contained within the Edu-Therapy™ Leader Guide. The two Leader Workbooks cover techniques and modules for working with clients in group and individual sessions.

The program is very interactive and allows time for discussion on modules and specific circumstances as they relate to the participant’s workplace environment and cultural “memes” (norms). The program includes the application of Grief Resolution to specific populations and grieving experiences, such as residential school, various types of abuse, and trauma. Also included is the extensive Edu-Therapy™ support system which provides access to pre-packaged marketing materials and optional client referral services.

A program Itinerary will be forwarded with your Confirmation. Check your Confirmation carefully for any time variances. The following is a general outline, and while content will be covered, it may not be in the exact order described below.

Day 1

• Purpose and Program Overview
• Defining Grief And Loss
• Introductions
• Program Rules
• Unhealthy Grieving
• Social and Cultural Intellectualization
• The Negative Physical and Psychological Effects Of Unresolved Grief
• Compensatory Behaviors of Conflicting Emotions

– Lunch Break –

• First Exercise – Autobiographical Emotional Awareness
• Participant Questions and Feedback

Day 2

• Second Exercise – Increasing Self-Awareness and Building Emotional Intensity
• Cycle and Dynamics of Intellectualization / Rationalization
• Personal Responsibility and Boundaries
• Introduction Of Communication Techniques for Shifting Emotions

– Lunch Break –

• Third Exercise – Focusing on Relationship Loss
• Applying the Communication Techniques to Loss
• Participant Questions and Feedback

Day 3

• Final Exercise – Creating Grief Resolution

– Break –

• Review of the License, Service and Support Agreement

– Lunch Break –

• Overview of Grief Resolution Program Materials
• Techniques for Conducting Grief Edu-Therapy™ Groups
• Overview of Homework Assignment
• Participant Questions and Feedback

Day 4

• Review of Homework and Practical Exercise
• Techniques for Conducting Grief Edu-Therapy™ Individual Sessions
• Frequently Asked Questions
• Making Plans to Start a Pilot Program
• Edu-Therapy™ Process Interaction Skills

– Lunch Break –

• Application of Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process for Specific Populations and Losses
• Review of Edu-Therapy™ Support Services
• Discussion of Suggested Marketing Awareness Techniques
• Participant Questions and Feedback
• Wrap Up and Closing Comments


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