Why Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification?

The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification training is not a classroom type experience. The personal experience of the training is integral to learning and delivering the process.  This training is a unique blend of personal growth, education and immersion in a powerful grief resolution, too.

The Grief Edu-Therapy™ process is an easy-to-use model that reduces and eliminates intense uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma, and abuse. Grief Edu-Therapy™ is a powerful tool that can be applied to past or current relationships, living persons, or to those who have died recently or long ago.  Once experienced, Edu-Therapy™ can be used over a lifetime. The 4-day Certification Training teaches the most effective approach for resolving the pain caused by loss of any kind.

Why is there need for Grief Edu-Therapy™?

The problem is that people are uncomfortable with painful emotions. Socially, we’re taught to rely on intellectual advice giving as a quick fix for “helping” those in emotional pain. Grief, whether the result of loss, abuse, or trauma, is an emotional experience, which cannot be resolved in any healthy way with intellectual “advice”.


What Makes Grief Edu-Therapy™ Different?

Edu-Therapy™ is firmly grounded in the well-established psychological theory of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The Edu-Therapy™ model incorporates education, awareness, and action with unique experiential exercises to create a training experience that is not only educationally satisfying but is also personally rewarding.

Edu-Therapy™ is about resolving the emotional pain that results from unhealthy grieving. Other organizations emphasize recovery or pathology. Grief is not a disorder. Once shown the way people can and will create healthy grieving experiences. Resolution is finding peace and coming to terms with life as is it is now.

Edu-Therapy™ was created to be a rapid, step by step process that once learned is easily repeatable. Edu-Therapy™ helps grievers discover new opportunities and choices. Unhealthy grieving can feel like moving on means forgetting. Edu-Therapy™ shows grievers how to keep an emotional or spiritual relationship with a loved one while moving their life forward. Edu-Therapy™ empowers grievers to throw off the lingering chains of anger, guilt, and fear to truly free themselves. Edu-Therapy™ moves grievers into the present where they can begin taking actions for creating a life worth living.


I integrated Grief Edu-Therapy™ into my existing practice 11 months ago.  I’m so happy with the results, that I notified past clients of the new program offering both individual and group sessions. – Deb G.

With a background in Social Services, I have to admit, I learned more in 4 days about what to say. It was always a bit of a fear especially in group. Thank you for the communication skills. I now know exactly what to say. – Dennis

I registered for the training for professional development and to acquire come continuing education credits, but that’s not all I got. I just got up from the kitchen table, having had the first conversation with my teenage daughter in years that didn’t start or end in conflict. This one ended with a hug, a few tears and my daughter said “Thanks for listening”. She was so right I haven’t been hearing her for years. – Tanya B.


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