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Grief is the normal human response to loss. Unfortunately, there is little information on how to resolve the intense conflicting emotions caused by life events.

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution is an easy-to-use model that reduces and eliminates intense uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma, and abuse. The 4-day Certification Training teaches the most effective process that resolves the pain caused by the conflicting emotions of a meaningful loss.

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The Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution process is a two-phase cognitive behavioral model that:

  • rapidly accesses and identifies conflicting emotions
  • provides concrete easy to use steps that decrease the disturbing emotional intensity
  • once learned, grievers can easily repeat the process on their own or in a clinical setting
  • moves grievers into the present
  • teaches healthy emotional coping skills

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution

Two of the most common questions we hear from professionals and caregivers are: “How can I more effectively help my community or clients?” and “How can I help them help themselves?”


Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution Provides the Answer to Helping Others and Expanding the Scope of Physical and Mental Health Care

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution is for anyone who wishes to help grieving people, and those who come into contact with people suffering from painful loss such as: Mental Health Professionals, Emergency Services and Frontline Workers, Social and Family Services, Addictions Workers, Nurses, Occupational Health Workers, Clergy, Funeral and Cemetery Professionals, Pharmacists and Support Staff, Professional Caregivers, and People Whose Lives Have Been Altered by Loss. Learn More


Privately Sponsored Treatment and Training Programs

Many treatment teams, hospitals, health and wellness initiatives, churches, and caregiving organizations arrange private treatment and training sessions. These programs, held in your local community, are one of the most effective and aggressive ways to implement effective grief resolution processes within a community, workplace environment or Mental Health facility. Register Here


Edu-Therapy™ Treat and Train Initiatives are one of the most aggressive approaches to providing heart helpful grief resolution training and grief resolution care to literally hundreds within a population. Individually designed, each Treat and Train program is tailored to meet the particular needs of the community. These programs effectively treat those in need within the community, while providing education, training and on-going support to caregivers, front-line workers, educators, guidance counselors, social and family service workers and health professionals within the contracting community.  In turn, the participants in the training will be fully prepared to provide Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution services to the community at large. For further information contact us


On-going Support and Research

Edu-Therapy™ Solutions, Edu-Therapy™ and our ever-growing team are dedicated to testing and providing the most current and effective information on resolution to the conflicting emotions caused by significant emotional loss. Contact Us

Edu-Therapy™ For Addiction Treatment Centers

Loss and the resulting reactions to unresolved grief go hand-in-hand with the chaos of substance abuse and addiction. The losses addicts suffer are many: deaths of friends and loved ones, divorce and break ups, loss of friendships, loss of financial and social status, loss of dignity. The list is almost endless. Healthy recovery means facing up to the ‘wreckage’, but also coming to terms with the mass of disturbing and conflicting emotions. Learn more here.


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