Training Testimonials

Edu-Therapy™ Solutions Training Testimonials

ESJust Wow!!! As a therapist I actively participate in conferences and workshops to seek out the best possible care for my clients. I get invigorated after workshops but never realized that within days or weeks I slowly moved back to my familiar pattern of behavior.  I took Grief Edu-Therapy™ three weeks before Christmas and it was amazing. The WOW factor both personally and professionally and upon leaving I actually waited for the return to the old, but it didn’t happen.  I actually called Edu-Therapy Support and Eric laughed. He explained that as a result of the work I had done, that I was different and there was no going back. My husband and kids notice a difference and both staff and clients have made wonderful compliments. My practice is largely one on one and family and The 8 Session Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process has been so effective.  I can’t wait to start my first group.  Hugs 🙂 JC

ES” I have been working with grievers using a bereavement based method for over 10 years. I did the upgrade and took the Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification. Moving to the CBT model made a lot of sense and helps me deal with so many types of loss. It’s also more effective when working with multiple loss issues which is almost always the case. I like the flow of the 8 Session format and being able to move through at the clients pace. I have been able to move this in as an adjunct treatment with other clients and one of my women’s groups.”

ES“Super sums it up 🙂 and our memes list is growing daily! I’m going to start a whole new list when we take Grief Resolution to South Africa in the fall” – Hugs Diane

ES“It expanded my vocabulary.” “I’m still amazed having been in health care for 23 years, that I had so few words to describe sad or negative emotions. I always focused on the positive and never realized I wasn’t addressing the sad or painful emotions caused by loss of health. It’s a must for every nurse and I can think of more than one doctor who’s bedside manner could use a little Edu-Therapy™.”

ES“As a veterinarian at time’s I have felt more like a funeral director than a healer. For years we have tried to replace the pet loss by introducing or recommending another pet. What I didn’t realize is that you can’t replace relationships.  I think offering Grief Edu-Therapy™ for our community from the clinic is the solution.” Dr. D.

ES“Life Changing”…..”When Grief Edu-Therapy™ Training came to our community, I thought here come’s another outsider who doesn’t get our culture and the issue’s we face everyday. Boy was I wrong — It was actually one of the first times I felt like I had been heard.” “Thank you, I think I’m going to be far more effective in all my relationships” One Cree

ES“Continuity of care within the addictions treatment centre I work in as always been an issue.  Staffers all have their own way of doing things and has led to many debates. Having the entire staff take Edu-Therapy™ was one of the best things we every did. It’s like we are all on the same page and our clients are the benefactors.” “I believe it has made a huge difference in our environment and our alumni groups just keep growing.”  Mark H.

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