What is Edu-Therapy Certification?

“It’s never been for lack of trying to feel better; it’s always been the lack of heart helpful tools that lead to comfort and resolution.”

Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution provides a unique training which encompasses the principals and techniques of Edu-Therapy™, a Cognitive Behavioral Process to Grief Resolution. The training is both insightful and personally meaningful as the process naturally connects the mind, body, and spirit and is taught in concise steps that are easily repeatable. Developed in the early 90’s, this process is the most effective method in training those who work with broken hearts, relationship issues, or survivors of abuse and trauma. 

Grief is the normal human response to meaningful loss, but as a society we have learned to grieve in harmful and destructive ways. We are exposed to a myriad of subtle and explicit messages that intellectualize grief. We’ve learned to suppress healthy emotional expressions and mistake anger, guilt, and fear for grief. The result of dysfunctional grieving is spending years feeling imprisoned by the conflicting emotions of unresolved grief. The cost to society is that unresolved grief has led to one of the largest Mental Health issues in the 21st century. 

In every culture, people can wait decades for time to heal – their lives – all because no one ever taught them how healthy grieving could resolve their painful loss. At Edu-Therapy™, grievers don’t have to wait. This process guides people past their pain to resolution. Every day, the graduates of the certification training, Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialists, are helping grievers, survivors of abuse and trauma, and many more find a sense of peace and resolution to their pain. While the training is unique, it’s the Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialists that make it individual.


Integrating and Staying Current with Edu-Therapy™ Principles and Practices 

Let’s face it – there are thousands of self-help or do-it-yourself books and videos. There’s no question that if you’re building a table or grooming your dog, those books and videos are helpful. But when it comes to healthy grieving, handbooks just don’t cut it. Learning to grieve well requires a personal touch with effective training in the right principles and practices.

Unresolved grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, dysthymia and ongoing conflicts within relationships are life limiting and often debilitating. Unfortunately, the majority of bereavement services, grief and loss programs, and support groups do not employ the proper techniques to effectively resolve the painful conflicting emotions and unresolved grief. Frankly, they were never designed to resolve the pain. Edu-Therapy™ and the actions with Edu-Solutions give professional and caregivers the concrete tools to successfully help their clients create resolution to their pain and begin to participate more fully in their lives. Resolving grief means creating the choices and opportunities that can lead to a meaningful and purposeful life.

Building on the cognitive behavioral model, Edu-Therapy™ Solutions delivers the most effective materials and training to educate and treat those suffering from the painful conflicting emotions caused by losses of all types. The Edu-Therapy™ Certification training blends experiential exercises, instructional and informative components. This is an intensive concentrated 4-day program. Personal experience, combined with the fundamental principles of Edu-Therapy™, provides participants with everything they need to start working with grievers in both individual and group formats.


More than Theory

The certification training is more than theory. Edu-Therapy™ is a usable step by step process that is easily repeatable at home or in a clinical setting. Edu-Therapy™ can be integrated into your existing environment. Many graduates have successfully added Edu-Therapy™ into their existing practices, counseling services, substance abuse programs, and other clinical settings. Edu-Therapy™ programs have also been established at the community level providing direct care to a host of community members.


Direct Support from Edu-Therapy™ Solutions

While Edu-Therapy™ programs are supportive by design, the program should not be confused with support groups or self-help groups. The Edu-Therapy™ program groups, are facilitated by professionals, and other caregivers, who have successfully completed the training to become Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialists. 

Our Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialists utilize the Edu-Therapy™ Process to rapidly move grievers past the pain of their unresolved grief. The Edu-Therapy™ Process was developed to be used in group or individual sessions. Edu-Therapy™ Solutions can adapt the eight-session model to a variety of in-patient and out-patient treatment settings. All the material required for working with clients is contained in the Grief Edu-Therapy™ Workbooks, which includes leader instructions and The Leader’s Guide, an informative/educational guide to the philosophies and principles of Edu-Therapy™.

Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialists have direct access to the Edu-Therapy™ Solutions Centre for guidance, direction, and support. This service can be especially helpful in the first few days and weeks of implementing the program.

Edu-Therapy™ Solutions is home base for an ever-expanding program. There is constant inquiry through our website and materials, for Certified personnel from every community in North America, and increasingly, throughout the world. After completing the training, certified specialists have the option of becoming a member of the Edu-Therapy™ Services Referral Network and the Edu-Therapy™ Solutions Members Only area accessible through our website. 


Awareness is Key 

Community Education Programs & Creating Awareness: Included in the training are materials to develop talks and in-services to assist you in bringing the concepts of Grief Resolution to your clients, your agency, and to your community. As part of the training there an extensive discussion dedicated to helping each participant attract people to their program and to learn what has worked for other certified specialists in similar fields. 2013 brings the addition of private forums, document servers and Webinars to further enhance support and the development of Grief Edu-Therapy™ Solutions. Additionally, refresher courses and a new 3-Day Advanced Training will be available late in the year for those working in unique and specialized areas of mental health. Continuing Education Credits are available for most disciplines. 


Who is Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification for?


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