Commonly Asked Questions About Edu-Therapy™ Certification

What does the Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification Program teach me?

We give you a powerful foundation of non-directive and directive Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution communication skills, program Facilitator’s Guide, Leaders Workbook and instruction for the Grief Edu-Therapy™ Program in addition to hands on, experiential training for facilitation of one-on-one and group Grief Resolution Principles and Techniques.


How long until I can start working with others?

Participants in the training finish with everything they need to start working with grievers right away.

The Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution Program is an 8 Session, resolution focused program aimed at reducing and eliminating the pain caused by loss. After completing your training, we believe sooner is better for starting your own Grief Edu-Therapy™ Programs.

From that point forward it’s practice and what you practice is what you get good at. With this foundation and on-going support from Edu-Therapy™ Support you can become proficient very quickly.


Is the process primarily for groups or individuals?

As a part of the Certification Training you will be taught the Edu-Therapy™ skills to help in both one-on-one and group formats.


Must I be a Mental Health or Health Care Professional to become certified?

No. Since grief is the normal human response to loss, and since the Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification Program is educational, all that is required is a loving heart and a genuine desire to help grieving people. Some of our certified specialists are licensed mental health professionals, but many come from other areas where grief is an issue.

Anyone who wishes to help grieving people, and those who come into contact with people suffering from painful loss: Mental Health Professionals, Emergency Services and Frontline Workers, Social and Family Services, Addictions Workers, Clergy, Funeral & Cemetery Professionals, Pharmacists and support staff, Professional Caregivers, and People Whose Lives Have Been Altered by Loss.

Is there a contractual relationship involved in the Certification process?

Yes. The Edu-Therapy™ Solutions License, Service and Support Agreement allows you to affiliate with Edu-Therapy™ Solutions and the intellectual properties protected by copyright law. Additional Edu-Therapy™ Assurance programs are available for treatment facilities and companies where an Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialist is employed.


Is there a relationship between Grief Edu-Therapy™ and drug and alcohol treatment?

Yes, loss is at the crux of sobriety, the obvious losses are death, divorce, losses of many types of relationships, abuse, trauma, finances, status, etc. Often overlooked are losses of using and being high. Conflicting emotions are part and parcel of each of these losses and without emotional resolution, unresolved grief will drive cravings and fuel acting out behaviors. Grief Edu-Therapy™ Communication Skills and 8 Session format rapidly assist clients in all phases of recovery to resolve their losses, and the process of Edu-Therapy™ teaches valuable emotional coping skills.


Will I qualify for Continuing Education Credit or other recognition as a result of this training?

It varies by state and province but in many cases yes. Contact Edu-Therapy™ Solutions to see if your discipline has pre-approved the program, otherwise we will provide you with the information to gain approval.


What kind of assistance can I expect from Edu-Therapy™ Solutions after I’m certified?

You have access to, and can expect, qualified help and assistance from Edu-Therapy™ Solutions Support. As a part of the training, we’ll direct you to the best resources to get answers. Initially griever’s may pose questions that you are unfamiliar with responding to. When you’re not sure of the answer, contacting Edu-Therapy™ Support for assistance provides you with the answers you need. With qualified staff who have worked within various disciplines and our many years of cumulative experience There is generally no fee for this continuing service. On-site response or deployment of Edu-Therapy™ Personnel will be subject to fees.

The Certification Program provides significant career expansion and opportunities for both mental health professionals and non-professionals alike. Through this program we have certified therapists, marriage and family counselors, funeral directors, employee assistance providers members of the clergy/spiritual care workers, and addictions workers, to name just a few of the ever-growing list of caregivers. 


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