The Edu-Therapy™ Grief Resolution Foundation Workshop

Grief is not a choice! It affects us physically and emotionally. Grief is the normal human reaction to loss. Grief, unresolved, reduces our capacity to participate in every aspect of our lives.

We live in a world that is uncomfortable with uncomfortable or unfamiliar emotions. We learn early on how minimize or suppress our feelings leading to a sense of isolation and loneliness.

Grief negatively impacts your:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Planning
  • Language
  • Relationships

Grievers often report that they can’t feel anything. Numbness and “heavy-ness” are two of the most common experiences of intense grief. Grief directly affects your mind’s ability to process and make sense of information, especially information about the loss.

It might be helpful to think of your brain as two brains. The intellectual brain works hard at trying to make sense of the loss, while the emotional brain tries to find meaning in the loss.

The intellectual brain responds to the loss in more practical ways. It tries to understand the sequence of events that led to the loss, funeral arrangements, and figuring out daily adjustments to routines. The intellectual brain likes to keep busy.

The emotional part of the brain, where all those unfamiliar and uncomfortable and often painful feelings come from, has a great deal of trouble trying to integrate or accept the loss. The emotional brain has to make room for, and process, all the different feelings, like profound sadness, relief, loneliness, shock, anger, confusion, dismay, just to name a few.

Think of emotional integration as a photo album, an old-fashioned one with many, many pages. Our memories are the photos on the pages. Some memories and events take quite a few pages, like a long relationship. Some memories are just a blink – a snapshot tucked into the corner of a page. When a painful loss occurs, our emotional brain has to review and sort out the relationship to decide how much space will be needed in the photo album of our mind.  All this happens in the midst of overwhelming heartache.

Grief can be all-consuming. It’s no wonder grievers often feel overwhelmed and unable to find the right words, make decisions, and often the simplest of tasks  can take significantly longer, and seem impossible to complete.


What is the purpose of Workshop?

“Everyone can benefit from the experience of this workshop.” 


“I went to deal with the pain and the overwhelming sense of sadness I felt following my father’s death, but I gained so much more. This workshop is for everyone. Whether you have suffered a loss or you are focused on self-discovery, Edu-Therapy™ will enhance your life.  It is packed full of easy to implement, easy to practice relationship tools.”

For Individuals who have suffered a significant loss, abuse, or other trauma the program effectively eliminates the griever’s sense of isolation, by actively engaging them in emotionally helpful and liberating exercises. Participants learn how to free themselves from painful conflicting feelings. The Edu-Therapy™ process helps participants to let go of their anger, guilt and fear while learning how to enhance their valuable memories.

What is the difference between Grief Edu-Therapy™ Resolution and other loss and grief programs and methods?

Many grief groups provide an environment for people to verbalize the thoughts and feelings they experience following a loss. While there is benefit to that kind of expression, it is not enough. Support groups do not address the underlying issues of “incomplete emotional” communications that sustain unresolved grief. The Grief Resolution  Edu-Therapy™ Foundation Workshop gives participants the tools to eliminate painful conflicting emotions and find peace in resolving their unresolved grief.

This workshop is for anyone who is grieving, or has been harmed by another.  The Edu-Therapy™ Foundation Workshop offers solution oriented tools that work for any kind of painful loss.

The Workshops include:

  • The Emotional Concepts of Grief
  • Why Grief Remains Unresolved
  • The Physical and Mental Effects of Unresolved Grief
  • Dysfunctional Cultural Norms of Grieving
  • The Concepts and Tools of Grief Resolution

Enrollment is limited. Workshops fill up quickly, so reserve your space early. The cost is $995 US or $995 CDN and a deposit of $395 is required to reserve your place.


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