[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]Many are familiar with Eric Cline’s work and dedication to providing hands on treatment, education and training over the past 35+ years, with an unrivaled commitment to providing the most current effective process for dealing with the pain and conflicting emotions caused by loss. “Caregivers need the skills to assist their clients and community, as well as learning helpful self-care processes. The CBT Relationship Resolution Process for Healing Hearts enhances all aspects of relationships – physical, emotional and spiritual”. Eric’s continued commitment to research and evidenced-base solutions goes far beyond the short term “feel good” approach of many workshops and trainings, that only provide short term relief. Eric’s advisory team and the ever growing number of professional care givers provide a unique program experience that combines self exploration with incredible tools for helping others so that once an individual is trained and certified they can provide the most heart helpful care available. Enhanced by the trainers and facilitators commitment of support and on-going up-to-date materials, we have a winning process for heart helpful and effective grief resolution. Now with the new Edu-Therapy™ Facilities License Institutions and Treatment Facilities have the on-going commitment of the Edu-Therapy™ Assurance to ensure they have the on-going training and support as staffing requirements change. Taking into consideration the most recent information on peoples’ reaction to loss, Edu-Therapy™ is clearly the most current and effective process for dealing with the conflicting emotions caused by events in our lives that have the potential to create grief. The process moves conflicted or grieving individuals from a place of pain and sadness to resolution of the relationship in a short period of time. While this isn’t a self-help method, participants in the Edu-Therapy™ process develop the skills necessary to quickly and easily continue working the process in other relationships. The rapid pace of the grief resolution process aids individuals in quickly resuming many of the aspects of their daily lives. Additionally, this reduces the possibility of further losses occurring while an individual is unable to participate due to the overwhelming affects of unresolved loss. The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process is a natural adjunct treatment in many mental health, wellness and addictions environments. Professionals love the dynamic pace of the The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process and the eight-session format easily incorporates into most existing practices and treatment modalities and is easily customized by the Edu-Therapy™ clinical team for Institutional, adjunct and alumni programs. Edu-Therapy™ Solutions provides programs for a never ending list of individual caregivers, health and wellness organizations, educators at many levels, addiction and treatment facilities, public benefit initiatives, spiritual care workers, clergy, therapists, medical doctors, front-line workers in military, and emergency services, funeral directors/celebrants and so many others. We are proud of our relationships within First Nations, Metis and Inuit Communities across the country as they take an aggressive approach in dealing with the long held pain, isolation and loss of trust issues that continually limit their ability to participate in their own lives and the lives of their children. The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification Program – Edu-Therapy™ Solutions provides a unique training which encompasses the principals and techniques of Edu-Therapy™ – a Cognitive Behavioral Process to Grief Resolution. The training is both insightful and personally meaningful, as it connects the mind, body, and spirit in concise repeatable steps. Developed over the past 20 years, this process is the most effective method in training those who work with broken hearts, relationship issues, or survivors of abuse and trauma. The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process Groups – An eight session group utilizing formats created by Edu-Therapy™ Solutions that assures long-term resolution from the pain caused by loss. Groups are moderated by certified graduates in hundreds of communities throughout North America. All necessary materials are provided to facilitate both group and individual sessions. The Edu-Therapy™ Corporate & Community Education Programs –  A great deal of destructive information exists regarding resolution of the pain and sadness caused by significant emotional loss. Edu-Therapy™ Certification Program graduates are provided with all materials necessary to address and establish Workplace Issues Community Education Programs. The Edu-Therapy™ Assurance Program – ensures that organizations, companies and Human Resource agencies are never without a Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialist on staff. The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process Workbook – The current edition defines the emotional actions necessary to assist grievers in resolving the pain and isolation caused by loss. The Workbook focuses on the helpful actions grieving people may take to resolve painful emotions like guilt, anger, regret, resentment, fear, blame and depression. Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certified Specialists utilize the workbook in both The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Process Groups and in Individual Sessions. Understanding is helpful, but it’s not resolution. The workbook focuses on what to do about the pain. The Grief Edu-Therapy™ Leaders Guide and Edu-Therapy™ Leaders Workbook These professional robust materials provide all the essential skills and information for helping grievers move from pain to resolution. These powerful and specific tools, are simple and easy to implement and use. Qualified people teach them in our Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification Program. We have trained and certified several thousand people. Many of them facilitate Edu-Therapy™ Program groups in large and small communities throughout the United States, Canada, and increasingly, the rest of the world. Edu-Therapy™ Solutions continually evolves. One of the traps that often occur in both treatment and training, is that they become obsolete, and using older forms of media including textbooks and materials, it’s difficult to make updates. At Edu-Therapy™ Solutions, our Certified Specialists have constant access to updates, research and results. Minor updates are available in the Edu-Therapy™ Solutions File Server, major updates are obtained every time you receive a new supply of Workbooks. If additions or updates have been made facilitators will automatically receive the corresponding updates at no additional cost. Specialists are also optionally invited to participate in evaluations, research studies and online forums. Edu-Therapy™ Solutions Assurance for Organizations and Corporations ensures there is no lapse or interruption in care, should your trained Edu-Therapy™ Specialist leave the organization.  [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]